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2018 prospectus design

Print design, Photography


We worked with The Crypt School, an all boys grammar school and co-ed sixth form based in Gloucester with plans to introduce co-education in 2018, to produce new prospectuses and a library of photography for the school.


The Crypt School have a rich history and deep seated roots in the city of Gloucester and it’s community since 1539. However, the school had a need for a refreshed identity, capable of representing the introduction of a co-ed status to the lower school without losing their heritage.


I worked closely with them, spending time drilling down to the school’s key messages and strengths - so together we could identify what were the most important areas to feature in the prospectuses.


Additionally, as the school is going co-ed in 2018, it was a chance for the publications to evolve from previous designs. I developed a more modern design layout adopting an exciting colour palette and graphic accents. Although, in keeping with the tradition of the school, I ensured the detailing in supporting design elements and typography reflected The Crypt’s heritage.


I also produced a new library of photography for the school to use internally, for advertising purposes and for the prospectus content. I spent two days capturing as much of life at the school as possible, including the annual Sports and Engineering days. Working closely with staff and students, we wanted the new imagery to represent the Crypt’s USP’s, with emphasis on strong pastoral care and the breadth of opportunity available to students.



This work was produced while working at Gravitywell.

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