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An innovative 'real-time' time lapse platform


Interval Films is a pioneer in the Time Lapse film making industry. They install proprietary camera units to capture beautiful images of building construction, events, engineering projects and spectacular art exhibits. The team and I designed and delivered a best-in-class software platform for clients to view their feeds from the hi-res cameras.


We started with 3 workshops, where we reviewed the current system, gathered requirements and learnt about the brand. The industry is highly competitive and a high quality software interface would be a key selling point.

From a design perspective, the interface aesthetic needed to deliver a level of sophistication and professionalism. I took inspiration from industry innovators Lightroom and Spotify, whose unobtrusive interface design allows the content to remain the focus for the user. I made extra efforts to make the UI intuitive as it’s the type of software that users want to play with right away without tutorials or tool tips.



This work was produced while working at Gravitywell.

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