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Hassle-free car rental app

UX, UI, App design, Videography


Green Motion is a car hire company with a focus on environmental values. They also want to be ahead of the technology curve so they commissioned the team at Gravitywell to design and develop an app for their customers at over 400 locations around the world. 


I was involved from the very beginning, collaborating one user journeys and detailed wireframes which had to incorporate the technologies being used, keeping things hassle-free for the user.


The innovation that we brought to the rental market is the new Sign & Go service - customers can process all of the paperwork, including passport and driver's license, on their phones, which eliminates the wait at a counter.


Tight deadlines meant that we had to start design and development quickly. Using Agile processes we were able to maintain progress as new information and feature changes came in.


I went on to design the entire app, and later work on marketing materials and video.



This work was produced while working at Gravitywell.

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