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An app for pilates instructors and their students

Branding, UI, App design, Web design


At Gravitywell we run regular hackathons where we all work intensely as one team over the course of a week, deliver a project from start to finish. Gaku was the result of our Summer 2018 hackathon. It is a system for Pilates instructors to create personalised video lessons for their students to work on at home. 

We built a system that would make it easy for pilates and yoga instructors to record videos of specific movements which they could then put together as customised video lessons for each of their students to watch on their smartphones.


In this project my role was to create a brand for the app, and design the student facing app along with a teacher admin side. The name came from the Japanese word “Gaku” which has few meanings, one of them related to learning and knowledge. Real pilates instructors were involved in the process, so we could determine that the name resonated with the target market. It's also short, memorable and doesn't restrict us in the wellness industry. The circling koi carp logo give an elegant animated flourish to the brand.


I put together a handful of key app screen designs, but as I was working simultaneously alongside the development team I created a basic design management system for them to use a design resource. 

I also designed and built a one-page marketing website, using Wix, ready for the app launch by the end of the week long project.


This work was produced while working at Gravitywell.

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