New ecommerce website  for the Thai tourist attraction

UX, Web design, UI

Flight of the Gibbon, the number one Zipline tour operator in Thailand, were in need of a new website and online booking system.


I was first met with the challenging task of mapping out the booking system logic, which is highly complex due to the vast number of adventures, holiday services and variables available through Flight of the Gibbon. I produced a user flow diagram which went on to inform wireframing and development work.

I wanted to design a website that made great use of photography and video, so users could experience the beauty of the Thai rainforests – it’s an exciting experience and the website should echo that.

The designs had to cater for a wide audience; local thrill seekers as well as international backpackers and holiday makers. This meant the website had to be adaptable for different languages and easy to use across a whole range of mobile devices.


This work was produced while working at Gravitywell.