An interactive map of myths and legends

UX, UI, Design, Animation


I worked with English Heritage and the artist Clive Hicks-Jenkins on an interactive illustrated Map of English Myths and Legends

Working simultaneously with the illustrator and the development team I put wireframes together, designed the user interface, artworked map elements and brought Clive's illustrations to life through animation.

It was particularly interesting preserving the analogue style of Clive’s artwork in a digital production, but this is the balance that ultimately makes the map so special. We also had to bear in mind that the map had to be compatible across a variety of desktop and mobile devices.

Clive provided me with maquette illustrations which I cut out and pieced back together to bring the creatures and characters to life. I bridged the gap to the technical team, creating mythical animations and passing them on as animated json files to be animated using Lottie.


This work was produced while working at Gravitywell.