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Transitioning a dev team to a digital agency

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Corporate materials, Web design


I joined Gravitywell in 2014 and as the sole designer, I took the responsibility of developing the company brand through a transitional stage.

At the time we were a small dev team, and viewed as that from the outside. We had much bigger ambitions and needed the brand to reflect them. I worked with the Founder to understand our goals, and devise strategies to attract the clients we want to be working with.


Old logo


We wanted a brand which was much more confident, the agency has an impressive multi-disciplinary skill set and so we wanted to imply this with a much more alluring identity.

GW - Homepage.png

As a result of the new brand vision, Gravitywell has gone from strength to strength; attracting a higher quality of client with more interesting projects to match our ambitions, collaborating with like-minded people, welcoming evermore talent into the team and above all nurturing a great place to work, under a brand we're all proud to be a part of.



This work was produced while working at Gravitywell.

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